Private Lessons

 "I have always been very particular about where I would take my daughter for additional private training, as I want to make sure that the time and financial investment is worthwhile.” 

 “Dennis Weyn has shown results by helping my daughter achieve her personal objectives quicker through the additional private training.  The primary reason I chose Dennis is that his training mimics the demands of the game at the highest level. My Daughter has shown exponential improvement after beginning training with Dennis, and was instrumental in her success at the High School level.” 

 “We plan on continuing with his private training as we prepare her for the next level. Dennis Weyn is an excellent coach…He has the ability and experience of coaching at all levels of the game.”

 - Dr. David R. Patton 

 "My daughter and I first met Coach Dennis in Jan 2014 when she went to observe an Ohio Premier team practice.  Upon walking in the door and observing his set up and style of coaching, I knew this was going to be a great fit for my daughter. After the practice concluded, she told me that she really enjoyed herself and wanted to play for coach Dennis."

 "Like any parent, I want to make sure that our time and money is well spent so I am very observant with monitoring her skill level and development as a player.  Through out the past year she has played for coach Dennis, I have watched her skill set improve immensely.  She has attended his summer camps and recently, has started small group training with 3 other girls.  The knowledge, finesse and passion Dennis has for the game is clearly evident at these sessions. He challenges the girls with his drills and really engages them to "dig deep". He provides open, honest and constructive feedback for each girl and engages them to not only work hard but to more importantly, love the game! "

 - Christa T.

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