Small Group and Private Lessons

"Coach Dennis has the best soccer camp!  We work really hard, but Coach Dennis makes it super fun.  Sometimes I was having so much fun, I would forget I was actually working on new skills.  I like the way Coach Dennis challenges me to learn and try new moves.  We work on moves that are used by professional soccer players!  Coach Dennis mixes it up with drills, games, and actual scrimmages, so the days fly by.  Weyn Soccer Camp is the only soccer camp that my brothers and I want to go to in the summer!"

 - Jack P. (Age 9)

 "We first met Dennis when our daughter was five, and we signed her up for soccer camp.  Over the next several years, she did a couple camps with Dennis each summer.  The camps greatly improved her soccer skills, but more importantly for that age, encouraged her to love the game and have fun.  When our daughter was nine, she wanted to play more soccer and we  began considering a premier team.  Our daughter made the decision easy - she didn't want to consider playing for anyone but Dennis.  Playing soccer for Dennis on her premier team has been a great experience for the last five years.  Her soccer skills have improved tremendously.   In order to further improve her skills, our daughter also participates in small group lessons with Dennis.  It is here that his phenomenal coaching really shines through.  In a group with 2-3 other girls, Dennis provides  feedback tailored to each girl which results in amazing improvements.  Dennis is that rare coach that forces the girls to focus and take their time with him very seriously, but also manages to engage them, encourage them, and make them truly love the game of soccer."

- Laura S.

 "My son Michael and his friends have been training with Dennis for over a year now.  The growth in their technical and tactical abilities has been outstanding.  The training sessions are very well organized and each drill/game has a specific goal and learning objective.  Dennis has unlimited energy and motivates the kids in a positive environment.  They all “sleep well” after a training session with Dennis. More importantly, the boys all have an increased love for the game of soccer and cannot wait for the next training session.  Whether during a one on one training session or in a small group, many of the drills/games have friendly competition weaved in further motivating the players!  If your child wants a fun challenge and opportunity to grow their skill and passion for the game of soccer … Dennis Weyn is the answer!"

  - Steve M: Chagrin Falls, OH




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