Footskills Training Testimonial

"Dennis Weyn is the best coach my kids have ever had. His technical skills are literally world class. But more importantly, Denis is a real teacher in the truest sense of the word. He meets kids where they are -  regardless of their current soccer skills or their future potential. My son and daughter had very different levels of skill, but Dennis brought each of them to a much higher level. Dennis treated them as individuals and coached  them as individuals.  Dennis made soccer fun for them. They each looked forward to their weekly sessions and always wanted them to last longer.  Oh, and Dennis has a great sense of humor..... usually."

- Mark G.

"The soccer training our daughter, Brianna, has received these past 9 years have been remarkable! She started with Dennis Weyn at the age of 5 in his Pee Wee camp. She continued  over the years with week long camps, Foot skill clinics, small private group sessions,tournaments and the start of her Ohio Premier career as a U10 player. She is now a U14 Ohio premier player and still loves it! Not only has Brianna improved immensely, but her love for the game has deepened and she attributes a lot to Dennis 's developmental and coaching style. The skill, knowledge, enthusiasm and passion Dennis brings to the game is like no other. His constructive feedback and confidence building is refreshingly accurate and honest, which keeps Brianna wanting to improve her game. He is phenomenal at all age levels and our experience with him has been priceless! We look forward to many more years with Dennis!

-Cindy B.

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